Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Pharma rears it's ugly head---Again

After big pharma committed to help control costs and won concessions in the health care reform process, they went back on their word. They lied to Americans. They have continued to raise prices on brand name drugs, some of which, people cannot do without.

They are doing the same things the banks are doing, raising everything they can, moral or not, legal or not, in anticipation of changed regulations . 2010 will be the year from hell for the following reasons:

1. Back-breaking national debt causing inevitable tax increases
2. Unemployment up and sustained above 10%
3. Commercial real estate foreclosures and defaults
4. More people becoming seriously ill due to lack of insurance-rate hikes for those with
5. Health care and hospitals leaving small communities decreasing rural availability
6. Increased food prices due to farm foreclosures, weather and banks not lending
7. Increased personal bankruptcies
8. Decreased consumer spending
9. Higher gas prices
10.Increased local taxes with decreased services in Police, Fire, Schools
11. More wars in the destabilized Middle East
12. Crushing debt owed to China
13. Further destabilized currency-the dollar

These are just the obvious, there are many more. There are NO fixes, no checks on corporate abuse of consumers and the whole house of cards is going to collapse worse than we have seen yet.

Have a nice day and call me Pollyanna.