Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do NOT use the term Pastor for Florida religious fanatic

Technically, the word Pastor means teacher. The idiot, bigot, racist, religious fanatic deserves neither ,the title Pastor, or Christian. He is not even a "fringe element Christian." The man is a hate monger intent on destruction and self-aggrandizement--------- and he represents no kind of Christian that I know.

The media is responsible for the ratcheting up of the excitement, and giving undue publicity, to a complete lunatic who is intent on bringing about the end of days. Tonight, CNN coverage has revealed a call from Sec. Gates, a statement from President Obama, a proposed meeting with Imam Rauf in New York Saturday, 9/11 to move the site of the Mosque to be built two blocks from Ground Zero. Such a move, or for that matter, a meeting has not been confirmed.

Lord, give me strength to live in a world with this man. I will not even dignify him, or his motives, by using his name. He has shown us all that one single fanatic can hold hostage an entire nation, and maybe even the world, with his extreme hatred.

With our children, and Muslim children, all over the world fighting for a better world, the actions of this man are disgraceful, disrespectful and evil. Right behind this lunatic is the media , hanging onto every word, hoping to get the latest scoop.

What a travesty of morals.

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  1. i dont know how that blew up into an international issue...the media should have ignored him, rather than give him credibility...& i thought it was a bad move for obama to get involved....all the birthers will use that as evidence that he's really a muslim...