Saturday, September 25, 2010

So? The rich are upset about the expiration of tax cuts?

Those of us in the majority, just trying to hold on to our middle class life style, are at a overwhelming disadvantage.  When we get angy and upset about the politics of our very existence all we can do is vote.

We can vote only once, while the rich vote many times with their dollars.  Those dollars buy lots and lots of votes and it takes a lot of regular folks to vote to overcome the power of the almighty dollar.

I hope that those who voted for Obama will remember the Greedy Ole Party and how they got us into this mess we are experiencing.  Perpetual wars, a very slow economy, no jobs, no hope, savings gone, homelessness rampant is not the fault of a President who has been in office less than 2 years now.

Republicans have told us what they plan to do.  Cut government, cut spending, privatize Social Security all in an effort to "fix" things.  My question is, why didn't they do that when they were and the majority and had plenty of money and power to do positive things.  Nope, they chose war and the Wall Street Banks as the beneficiaries of their largess.

2011 will be bleak indeed.


  1. bout the only thing i'd disagree with as that an informed middle class vote counts at all...ive run into far too many who've bought the right wing story hook, line, & sinker...

  2. I've run into a lot of right wingers too and I don't understand the perspective. Some are even relatives---------oh the horror!